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Super Simple Somethings that Can Make a Big Difference

Life Give You Lemons? Cheers!

Would you like to replenish your vitality?

It’s the rare adult these days who doesn’t need an extra pick-me-up boost in the morning and also at times throughout the day. If you wake up feeling stressed, or less than fresh, in the morning, you’ll want to read on for some super simple things you can do that could make a big difference to your health, especially accumulated over time.

By drinking water with lemon in it, you’re able to boost energy levels and decrease stress so that you feel more ready to take on the day.

Here are just some of the benefits of drinking lemon water.


5 Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water That You Didn’t Know About

By Krissy Brady from

  1. It reduces inflammation

When your body is filled with high levels of acidity, you’re prone to contracting diseases. By drinking lemon water, you can reduce your acidity levels and boost your body’s immunity. High levels of acidity also cause inflammation and pain in your joints. When you drink lemon water, it reduces uric acid in your joints. Uric acids are the main cause for inflammation. Like in a machine, your joints need to be oiled up in order to function at maximum capacity. Grease up your joints with a fresh glass of lemon water in the morning and your joints will thank you for it.



2. Increases Your Digestion

Sometimes your digestive tract can get clogged up and causes symptoms of heartburn, bloating and burping. This is due to a large toxin build up in the digestive tract. Exterminate those toxins and you’ll feel lean and whole. By drinking a glass of lemon water, you will zap those pesky toxins and eliminate that chest-aching heartburn. Give your gastric juices an edge with lemon water.


3. Aids in Weight Loss

Do you feel like you’re always hungry? When trying to cut back on how much you eat to look more lean and mean, a glass of lemon water can go a long way. Why? Lemons contain pectin fiber, which keeps hunger cravings at bay. Whenever I’m bored, having a snack becomes one of the ways to satisfy boredom. I’m able to resist the urge to have a snack by drinking lemon water. So if you’re trying to lose weight, a glass of lemon water is essential to your progress. Instead of taking supplements or fat loss pills, eliminate your cravings with a glass of lemon water. Besides, it’s more natural and you don’t have to worry about the negative side effects that weight loss pills have.


4. Boost your Enzyme Production

Our livers take a heavy beating due to things we consume. If you’re a a drinker, your liver’s going to take a lot of damage, which will suppress the function of enzymes. Thankfully the earth has provided us with lemons to help combat the toxins that wreak havoc on our liver. After you’ve had a night out, drink a glass of lemon water and it will whip those enzymes back in shape, which will ultimately replenish your liver.


5. Iron Out Those Wrinkles and Erase Your Blemishes

Are you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing your skin riddled with blemishes? Do you try to constantly hide them? Masking the problem won’t make it go away and coating your skin with make up will actually cause your skin to wrinkle over time. The antioxidants in lemons will actually clear up your blemishes and reduce wrinkles. How? Those antioxidants detoxify your blood, which replenishes the skin’s radiance. Get your skin glowing like it used to by drinking a glass of lemon water. Your youthful looks may just last you a lifetime!


There’s more over at, from charging your immune system, to fighting off viral infections. If you want 6 more tips on the benefits of lemons. Check it out here.


There are a plenty of benefits from drinking lemon water that you’re missing out on. By adding lemon into your water every morning, overcoming common problems like a lack of energy and bad breath will seem almost effortless. It’s a simple way to improve your day. So when life gives you lemons, put them in a glass of water and reap the rewards.


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