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Organic Makeup: Look Good – Feel Good

What’s on Your Face?

Once you start eating healthier, moving around more, and generally living in a more balanced life, you’re naturally going to start to wonder how things are made.  More importantly, how everyday items affect you and your health.

Like, makeup.

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The other night I had a nasty reaction from a cheapo (relatively! we are talking makeup here;)) brand of eyeshadow.  Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take photos of the reaction, but my eyes were super puffy, itchy, the whites were red, and there was this crusty layer.  My left eye was crusted shut!  Grrrrrrrrrross!

Even though makeup is expensive, for my body, it’s worth a few (okay a lot) of extra bucks to stay healthy.

Here are several different organic makeup brands that will help you feel good inside and out.

Zuzu Luxe Eyeshadow

Review by Bailey Blush

I am blessed enough to work with great products every day to make my clients feel naturally gorgeous, andZuzu Luxe is one of those brands that helps me do so. After applying these Zuzu Luxe Eyeshadows on a client and seeing how absolutely gorgeous they went on, I knew I was going to have to get some for myself. Super blendable, highly pigmented eyeshadow that comes in 16 beautiful shades, this non-toxic shadow is a great choice for sensitive eyes and for those who love gorgeous pigment.

Organic Makeup, Quality Organic Makeup Brands, Makeup Review, Good Makeups, Organic Makeup Reviews

I Love the Zuzu Luxe Eyeshadow! I purchased 2 colors- Gem(A dark charcoal/green matte with gold sparkle) and Vixen (Shimmery gray/olive) {Pictured below} The colors were so gorgeous and pigmented and blended really nicely. I used them twice, once with a base and once without; in both cases the colors were bright and long lasting. Of course with the base the colors were super pigmented and the look lasted all day!

Ecco Bella

Review by All Women’s Talk

I love Ecco Bella! Out of all the organic brands I’ve tried, I would say this one is the MOST organic of all. All Ecco Bella cosmetics and products are free of gluten, water, preservatives and dyes. And they have body care products as well as makeup so definitely check out this organic makeup brand!

Organic Makeup, Quality Organic Makeup Brands, Makeup Review, Good Makeups, Organic Makeup Reviews
Image by All Women’s Talk


After Glow: Organic Infused Mineral Foundation

Review by Beauty Delamer

These were factors I considered, and ultimately why I chose this mineral product:

  1. They are made in the USA. Go team! A rarity and always an added bonus to know I’m supporting fellow Americans.
  2. They use as many USDA Organic Certified ingredients as possible.
  3. Complete ingredient disclosure. This specific product only has eight ingredients. Eight! Other foundations can have upwards of 30 and may not fully disclose things like dies and fragrances.
    • Ingredients: mica, titanium dioxide (77891), iron oxide (77491, 77492, 77499), citrus grandis (organic grapefruit) extract*, rosmarinus officinalis (organic rosemary) extract*, inulin, vitis vinifera (organic grape) seed extract*, simmondsia chinensis (organic jojoba) extract*     *Certified Organic
  4. No Bismuth Oxychloride. This one was big for me. This ingredient is what can (did) cause itchiness and breakouts. The last thing I wanted.
  5. No Parabens.

Extra bonuses:

  1. Triple milled for a more flawless application and distribution.
  2. Pharmaceutical grade minerals for the purest product.
  3. Nourishing ingredients.
  4. SPF 20
Organic Makeup, Quality Organic Makeup Brands, Makeup Review, Good Makeups, Organic Makeup Reviews

Overall, this foundation ended up being exactly what I wanted it to be. It didn’t irritate my sensitive skin, and it allowed me to build coverage where needed. No matter how much I packed on, it never looked cakey. I’ll never forget my sisters comment…”Wow, it really does cover”…This was during the height of my horrible adverse reaction to Obagi. Above the surface, this product helped to cover and control my oiliness throughout the day. Below the surface, the antiseptics and antioxidant properties were working to rejuvenate my skin.

I have to take a minute and talk about their website. This is probably one the most enlightening makeup websites I’ve seen, really dedicating to informing their consumers. They offer an ingredient glossary that informs you on the nourishing benefits of each of the organic ingredients they use. For many of us who don’t know the benefits of things like jojoba and arnica, this is more than helpful. Knowing what you are putting in and on your body will always put you ten steps ahead of the crowd.

Josie Maran

Review Video by Young Wild and Polished


Save Your Skin, Vote with Your Dollars

When I was first researching organic makeup companies, I didn’t think there would be the mean, but it’s awesome how there actually are!  If you Google “organic makeup companies” you’ll find a plethora of brands to try.

Here is an awesome website where you can search makeup brands,, and you can determine how toxic the current brands you’re using are. Super helpful since I was ready to toss ALL my makeup out the other day, but there were a few brands I could keep. YAY!  Not a fan of wasting money.  😉

Now I know what brands to avoid and which ones are safe. Every time we buy something, whether it be makeup or any other product, we are voting with our money.  We’re saying: “This is what I like and want.”  So, while it is a shame that more companies don’t use organic products, they also sell what sells.

Organic Makeup, Quality Organic Makeup Brands, Makeup Review, Good Makeups, Organic Makeup Reviews

The more we vote (buy) products with the ingredients that are wholesome, the more we’ll see of those things, as we are seeing!

Take it from someone who is in the marketing industry, every dollar makes a difference, and the more companies see that their data points towards organics, the more they’ll turn the toxic ship around and promote natural care.



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