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How To Fuel Up For Your Workout

Fitness Pros Disagree

Do you know what to eat before workouts? Some people wonder, some worry, and others don’t even think about it. Which is it for you?

Fitness pros disagree, and there are diehards in each camp. With all the differing opinions it can be difficult to know which are the best foods to consume before you exercise. The bottom line? Everybody is different. You may work out best on an empty stomach, whereas your exercise buddy may need more fuel.

If you need pre-workout fuel you’ll want food that will give you the most energy and the most nutrients to power your body for maximum workout success.

Kati Mora, MS, RD, a featured Registered Dietician for Fitness Magazine, provides these great tips to help you properly fuel up for your workout in the best way:

For The Love Of Carbs

When it comes to gearing up for a workout, carbs are your gym BFF. The key is to have a mixed bag of complex and simple ones so that the release of energy during your workout is slow and steady throughout your routine. Whole-wheat toast with fruit gives you both types of carbs with the bonus of being super easy to digest. Complex carbs will keep your motor humming, while the fruit adds an extra kick of energy. For those training for a race, bananas are perfect in raising potassium levels, which drop when you sweat a lot. For an added bonus, add a dash of cinnamon. The spice has been linked to stabilizing blood sugar and improving brain function.

Best Fit Life TIP: If you have a gluten intolerance, you could try a gluten free option, however we prefer carbs from the garden, such as bananas, apples, blueberries in yogurt or a fresh fruit smoothie with whey or high quality, no-soy, no-sugar power-packed protein powder.


Before A Run

Getting ready for a long run? Eat some yogurt first. It’s easy on your stomach and when paired with trail mix can give you the little rev your body needs. Just make sure to choose a mix that is mostly nut and dried fruit based with as little fillers as possible. The healthy sugars from dried fruit provide that quick energy boost while seeds and nuts will keep insulin levels from dropping mid-workout.


Drink A Snack

Need a snack on-the-go on your way to the gym? Stick with a smoothie. Not only are they time-friendly, building your own blend has a bunch of exercise benefits. For a foolproof formula, use your favorite sliced fruit, a cup of Greek yogurt and some granola for a thicker consistency. If you’re picking one up, check the label to make sure it’s made from whey or milk-based proteins.

Best Fit Life TIP: Our favorite whey is Naked Whey, and our favorite protein powder is BioTrust.



Oats For The Win

Oatmeal is the workout buddy you never have to nag to exercise. It sticks with you throughout your workout by gradually releasing sugar into your bloodstream. Adding fruit to your bowl will help increase the fluid content of your pre-workout snack, keeping you hydrated.

Best Fit Life TIP: Oatmeal is way too heavy for our pre-workout meal, but if it works for you, go for it!

Apples — the Perfect Convenience Food



An apple is a perfect pre-workout choice. It will fuel you without filling you, and keep your stomach from growling loud in exercise class. Spread a tablespoon of almond butter or other nut butter on your slices, for a delicious protein carb blend that quashes hunger and amps up energy levels.

Snacks like bananas, yogurt, smoothies, oatmeal, and apples are perfect exercise fuel.

Apple slices with nut butter and nut mix instead of bagels for a much healthier breakfast or snack! Make sure the chocolate chips are dark chocolate and sugar free, (or omit them)! You want energy, not a sugar crash!


These fantastic tips will help prepare your body for a incredible workout. Give your body what it needs and it will give you the workout you need.

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