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Creating an Inspiring Home Workout Space

by Amy Hammond


We can’t always get to the gym.  That is real life!  This is why, when recently finishing our basement, my husband and I decided to dedicate some of the space to becoming our home gym.  We knew we couldn’t sacrifice tons of space, yet we also needed it to be a space we truly enjoyed being in.  It needed to be functional and inspiring.  

I came across this article in Forbes magazine that gives some great tips to creating a great home workout space.  Here are a few of their tips and my own thoughts about adding them to your personal workout room.

1. Mirrors are helpful for checking proper form when lifting weights or doing yoga, and can boost light in a space with few windows.  Let’s be honest here…they also provide great motivation.  Nothing keeps me going on my tricep dips than looking at my arms in the mirror.



2. Nonslip floors. Proper flooring can help prevent injuries, and an attractive floor will make your workout space more inviting. My husband and I used rubber horse stall mats.  Sounds crazy, I know, but they are a little less expensive than rubber gym flooring and they are easier to install.


Nonslip floors


3. Neat gear storage. Avoid the pileup of weights and props by including shelving in your workout zone. We also added hooks for hanging bands, towels, and bags of lighter equipment (like slider disks) on.


Neat gear storage


4. TV — or a tablet and stand. Whether you use instructional videos to guide your home workouts or just want to watch a show while doing cardio, having a TV in a home gym is a big asset. 

We have a smart TV that we can use to watch Netflix or turn on Pandora which also goes with tip #5.  This was totally worth the extra money!


5. Music.  Not so into TV? Crank up the tunes instead with a compact stereo that works with your MP3 player or phone. 



6. A low table. Make it easier to reach for your water or adjust the music when doing yoga or mat exercises by including a low table in your workout space.   

This is a great tip but one I feel you can leave out if your space is limited.  I don’t mind setting my water bottle on the floor.  With the sweat that lands on that floor, who cares if a little water gets spilled.


Inspiring art


7. Inspiring art. Personalize your workout area with art that speaks to you. An oversize photograph (like the one shown here) makes a stunning focal point in a home gym; the bigger the better! 

We actually made up our own “Hammond” workout logo!  There are many places online where you can have your logo turned into vinyl wall clings.  We put one on our wall and a smaller one on our jump box.  So cool!


Rolled white towels


Thanks to Forbes for these great ideas.  I hope that between their tips and my personal experience you can create, or spruce up a workout space in your own home into something you enjoy.  I feel that being able to have great workouts at home is an essential part to maintaining my fitness and encouraging my family to do the same. Fitness at home is one component toward helping us build our Best Fit Life!

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Article by Amy Hammond

Amy-100I am a writer, collegiate instructor, photographer, wife and mother.  I know how busy life can be but I try to balance my time between work and play (with and without my kiddos).  I am an avid swimmer and a believer in staying fit to have fun.  When we are our own best self, then all aspects of our lives are more enjoyable.