VIDEO: Quick Butt & Thigh Toning Exercise

by Devani Alderson

Fast fitness is becoming an essential as people are getting busier with their lives yet still want to keep their bodies toned and fit.   Even though I work from home, it can still be hard to break away from work to get in a much-needed workout and I end up sitting a majority of the day!

This quick workout circuit from Jen Ator, Women’s Health contributor, will help you power out and get the most benefit in five minutes.  Jen says “60 percent of your body’s muscle is in your butt and thighs.”  So, focusing your attention in those areas when you’re short on time will give you maximum results in a short time.

Another cool benefit of this workout is that you simultaneously get a core workout and some of the moves include upper body motions.  While it’s not a complete body set, you can knock out this set in no time and work several key muscle groups.

If you have kids, friends, or a partner you can have a workout jam and get fit together! 🙂

5-Minute Workout: Tone Your Butt and Thighs

by Women’s Health

Glute Bridge
How to make it harder: Raise one leg, and switch legs after 25 seconds. You can also raise your arms so they’re pointing straight up or lift your toes off the ground.

Swing with Dumbbells
How to make it harder: Hold the heavier-weight dumbbells as you swing your arms forward.

Alternating Curtsy Lunge
How to make it harder: Hold the heavier-weight dumbbells as you lunge.

Low Sumo Squat
How to make it harder: Hold the heavier weight as you squat.

Iso-Explosive Squat
How to make it harder: Use a weight while doing the squat.


Everyone has five minutes throughout the day, and whether you use this Women’s Health workout or google others out there, always keep in mind that it’s little actions each day that add up.

Here at Best Fit Life, we want to provide the best resources for you to make healthy habits easy and accessible!


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