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Build Muscle, Torch Fat, Save Time

The Lean Mean Muscle Machine of HIIT

If you’re like me, then you have a busy schedule and barely enough time to set aside for working out. I used to spend one to two hours at the gym, taking at least 5-10 minute breaks after each set. I was hardly getting any results, while my friends would be at the gym for half the time I was. They were getting shredded and I was still a bone rack. I thought to myself “Maybe I’m not eating enough protein” or “Maybe I’m not working out long enough.”

What Was The Reality?

I wasn’t performing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Here’s the thing:

When you’re not pushing yourself to your limits and sweating like a beast, you’re not getting fantastic results.

You’re just wasting your time. After I learned this secret, I started hitting the weights hard and with only 30 second rests in between my sets. What were the results? I started to gain more muscle mass than I did in those strenuous two hour sessions!


Here’s why…

According to Annabelle Robertson from WebMD, shorter, faster and more intense workouts actually stimulate growth hormone production. Growth hormone production is vital for expanding muscle fibres. There’s three different types of muscle fibres in our bodies. They are:

  1. Slow
  2. Fast
  3. Super-fast

To aid in the production of more human growth hormones (HGH), you have to start using those super-fast muscle fibres. Human growth hormones or HGH are essential to developing increased physical strength and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Exercises like cardio, aerobics or slow-paced weight training will only be working your slow muscle fibres. These exercises not only focus on the slow muscle fibres, but they actually cause harm to the super-fast muscle fibres and slow down the production of HGH!

The reality is, only fast-paced cardio and high-intensity weight training will give those super-fast muscle fibres a boost and will give you that ripped body that you desire. High intensity weight training gets your heart pumping and your body sweating. Your heart is like the speedometer of your body and when it gets pumping, it starts to torch those calories. When you’re doing slow-paced workouts, you’re not burning calories and you’re not working out those super-fast muscle fibres.

Here’s an HIIT Routine That WebMD Recommends You Incorporate Into Your Workout

  1. Warm Up: Start off by doing twenty burpees without any breaks.
  2. Sprint: Get on a treadmill and sprint for 40 seconds. Leave the incline at 0. Take only one minute breaks and then continue to sprint for another 40 seconds.
  3. Squats: Get off the treadmill and squat, with your legs a shoulder-width apart. Then jump from the squatting position into the air, landing in the same squat position as before. Do this for one set of 10 or 15. It will work on your quadriceps. If you’re already in good shape, you can hold dumbbells while doing this.

4 Overhead Military Presses: Take two dumbbells that you’re able to lift and perform 20 military presses over your shoulders. If you’re in really good shape, you can aim for 25.

5 Sprint: After you’re done your military presses, hop back onto the treadmill and sprint for another 40 seconds. Take only a one minute and thirty second break before moving onto the next exercise.

6 Tricep Extensions: Perform 25 or 30 tricep extensions with a weight that you’re comfortable with. Your elbows need to be pointing towards the ceiling with the dumbbell over your head. Lift the weight over your head and then lower it back down behind it.

7 Push Ups: Without taking a break from your tricep extensions, drop down into a prone position and start doing tricep push ups. Your elbows should be at a 90 degree angle. These kind of push ups are meant to work out your triceps. Do 40 of them with your nose touching the ground.

8 Sprint: Get back on the treadmill after your push ups and sprint for one minute straight. In order to ease your heart rate, you should jog for 90 seconds.

9 Jumping Jacks: Take two 10 or 15 pound dumbbells and raise them over your head each time you do a jumping jack. Do 20-25 jumping jacks.

10 Finale: Finish up by hopping back on the treadmill and walking for a minute and thirty seconds. After you’re done on the treadmill, make sure you stretch out your muscles.


This is a very quick and efficient High Intensity Interval Training routine that you can do tomorrow when you’re at the gym. I guarantee that these workouts will get your blood pumping and your calories burning. You can continue being that person that goes to the gym for an hour or two, with low results, or you can get serious, hit it hard, and be the one who goes to the gym for thirty minutes and becomes chiseled like a statue.

Save your time and live a healthier lifestyle.  Start doing HIIT today.*

*Editor’sNote: If you’re new to intense fitness, be sure to get clearance from your doctor. This is short but intense and can be life threatening for anyone with lurking heart conditions, even if they seem otherwise healthy.



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