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You First

This is your life. Only you can define what is your best fit life. Whatever you decide that is for you, make it so.

Live Your Best Fit Life

It happens over and again: when people start prioritizing their physical fitness, their emotional, mental and spiritual fitness improve as well. If that’s you, your whole life will become more awesome!

Physical fitness is the foundation for a happy, healthy, life. If we can contribute to your health and well being, it will be a privilege.

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Our What

BestFitLife.com is a free online health and fitness ezine bringing you quality health and fitness info toward helping you live your best fit life.

Fit in body, mind, soul… healthy as a whole.

Our Why

To share our passion for living our best fit life while helping others do the same.

Our lofty goal for Best Fit Life, is to become your go-to resource and favorite fitness magazine/ezine site. Our vision includes moving toward a community platform with increasingly more information sourced from amongst you.

So if you have information, workouts, recipes, before-after photos, etc, that you’d like to share, we’d love to share it and give you a big shout out.

Similarly, let us know what you’d like to see more of and we’ll do our best to bring it your way and share it here.

You can contact us via: BestFitLife1@gmail.com, or visit and post on our Facebook page.

Who We Are

We are fitness fans and pros, writers, coaches, mentors and “cheerleaders”, passionate about fitness and helping you achieve your best fit life!

We created this site to share with more people the kinds of things we are regularly sharing with family, friends and social media, all things related to becoming our best to live our best fit life.

How We Survive

To help support this site, we may use affiliate links to products and services for the pocket change that might produce, but it never costs you a cent. Meanwhile, we will also publish good resources we find and like regardless any affiliation. However, if you prefer, you can search these items directly and bypass any commission companies may pay us, you can usually find the source site names under RESOURCES at the bottom of all most articles.

Some of the links and information provided in articles may result in affiliate or commission payments, which help to support this site, and which never costs you anything. Similarly, we may allow advertising by companies with kindred products and services.

We know you understand that this is how websites like BestFitLife.com are able to bring you resources for free. 

Our goal is to share the best information that may benefit you, as well as share with you from the experience and interests of our writers.

We may not have a chance to personally test every product we recommend, but we’ve either vetted these ourselves or via reviews from other reputable sources.

We invite you to let us know your favorites, so we can share it. Or, if you’ve had a negative experience of any of the products or services featured in any of the ads or articles you see here, we would very much appreciate your letting us know so that we can update our information accordingly.

Claimers and Disclaimers

We work hard to deep research for accuracy, however, if you notice any misinformation on any of our content, please let us know. 

BestFitLife.com does not belong to any one fitness discipline, brand, or trainer, so we are free to talk about them all. Of course we have our favorites, however, we bring you all info and not just any one brand or perspective to the fitness field.

Please share your favorites and we will post them too!

We believe there is no best and no one right way to live your best fit life. There are practices and strategies that get better results, depending on your focus.

Fitness is not a one-size-fits-all approach, so we share them all. Bottom line: if it’s working for you, keep on doing it until it doesn’t, then shift.

We hope this site will become your go-to-resource for tips, information, exercises and pleasure perusing. Toward that, we welcome your input, feedback and contributions. Let us know your struggles and wins, so we can help and cheer you on from here and on our social media.

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Here’s to your very best fit life!

BestFitLife.com Team of ever-evolving, ever-growing, human beings.


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