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Meditation is “in” for Millennials

Mediation is all the Rage

I suppose that’s oxymoronic… to couple ‘meditation’ and ‘rage’ in the same sentence  So, we can change that sub title to be:

Meditation is Cool Again!

Yeah, you’d think this was the 60’s all over again. Well, almost. Remember the Beatles, Maharishi and Meditation? But now, many of the baby boomers who were grooving to meditation and marijuana in the 60’s and 70’s, have adult children who are Gen X and Millennials, many of whom are picking up where their parents left off: Idealistic, altruistic, creative, inspired, rebellious, and into meditation.

They’ve shifted from thinking that’s woo-woo, to adding it to their daily routines and morning rituals.

Meditation is a great addition… perhaps even a foundation of your routine. But if you haven’t started yet you may be wondering: “how do I even get started?”

The mention of meditation sends out all kinds of vibes to different people. To the newbie that I was, these vibes were of mixed nature. I certainly realize the benefits of meditation for a healthy body, mind and soul. So, I was happy to start practicing it. At the same time, I had no idea where to start, but I soon learned that creating the right environment and having the right approach is helpful to get off on the right vibe.

Fitness Magazine offers a short guide on Meditation for Beginners: How to Meditate, with useful tips we’re sharing here:

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7 Tips for Beginning Meditators

  1. Leave a Loud Room

There’s no wrong place to meditate, but choosing a calm place might make it easier when you’re first starting out: “Your mind will invent enough distractions on its own, so no need to sit somewhere where there are other things going on,” says Danielle Ford, a meditation teacher based in Denver.


  1. Let There Be Light

If you’re prone to sleepiness, especially as a beginner, try meditating in a place with enough natural light to stay alert. As you become better, you may want to change it up. “Whatever feels best is what you should experience,” says MaryBeth Skoch, MA, Integrative Behavioral Health Therapist at VeraVia, a new health and wellness resort in San Diego.


  1. Check Your Posture

You can position your body for meditation in any number of ways—sitting, lying down, kneeling—but ultimately, you should feel comfortable the whole way through. “Allow your body posture to be at ease, be mindful not to clench your fists or jaw, and uncross your legs and arms when sitting or lying down,” says Skoch.


  1. Be Consistent

Usually, people find meditation most helpful if they do it early in the morning or just before bed. “This allows you to set the stage for your day or to unwind from it,” Skoch explains. “Remember, meditation is like developing a muscle,” Skoch says. “Results take time, so be patient with yourself.”


  1. Accept (Don’t Fight) Your Thoughts

Shunning stressful thoughts is usually a beginner’s primary concern. “Understand that it is your mind’s job to think, and accept that your mind will wander,” says Skoch. “You can’t stop thinking, you can only redirect your attention.”


  1. Focus on Your Breath

“Focus on a body sensation, like your breath coming in and out of your nose, your belly rising and falling,” says Ford. When stressful thoughts come up, don’t worry. Simply refocus your attention on your body—again and again and again. And if it helps, you can also think of your breath as the central point of your meditation.


  1. Start Small

“As little as three or five minutes is enough,” says Ford. “Doing a short amount of time, at the same time, every day, makes a habit—which you can then lengthen to 15, 20, 30 minutes when you’re ready.”


My Recommendation: Yoga!



Some consider Yoga their meditation. Yoga may be a less intimidating way to ease into a meditation mindset, especially if you’re one of those people who can’t imagine sitting still and quiet for 20 minutes. To journey further into this topic, you may enjoy reading “Millennials, Yoga and You”, and it may give you that extra push you need to get started.



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