Workout Playlist: Electronic Dance Music

Workout To These Sick Beats

Can we all agree that workouts really aren’t as fun without music?  Okay, maybe there are a few of you out there that can bench press in utter silence.  I commend you for your focus.

For the rest of us, who need something to help us endure the pain of the last rep, here is a list of 15 head-banging, up-beat, hardcore Electronic Dance Music (EDM) tracks.

I love discovering new and up & coming artists, so this won’t be your typical “Top 40 Radio Pop Hits” but after vetting a lot of music (such a chore – jk! ;)) these 15 tracks were my favorites!

Best Places to Get Music

You can download the Soundcloud app for both iPhone & Andriod and stream this workout playlist or any other song you like.  I only recently discovered SoundCloud as a great source for a lot of indie and underground artists, but there are also popular musicians like Avicii, David Guetta, and Calvin Harris.

Other music streaming services include Spotify (free or $12.99 for no commercials), Pandora (free), and of course iHeartRadio (free).   All three of these streaming sites also have various podcasts, audiobooks, but mainly just an enormous variety of music.