What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

What’s Hiding in Your Coffee?

A long black, as we call it in Australia, has about 2 calories. That’s just a simple cup of black coffee. A “long black” is the same as an Americano. Both are made the same way: by pouring a double-shot of espresso or ristretto over hot water. (Source, Wikipedia).

Nothing hiding there. Just straight, clean black coffee. But that’s not the norm.

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Take it Black or Leave it

So coffee can be good for you, if taken black, unsweetened, or in the popular butter coffee style (we mention again later). However, most people do not drink their coffee black.

Starbucks sells more coffees with sugar than they do without.

Only three of Starbucks top 10 best sellers come without sugar, yet all three could have sugar added, so we can guess that people might add sugar at least 50% of the time. Starbucks top three best selling drinks all contain sugar.

That’s an indication that more people are consuming sugar in their coffee daily. The other indication is the national and global obesity rates.

A Grande (16oz or pint, medium size) Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino contains has 310 calories and 62 grams of sugar. That’s equivalent to 15.5 teaspoons of sugar.


The calories we consume, just in coffee (if we don’t think about it), can jeopardise any weight loss efforts, and even our health, since sugar is linked to so many diseases.

The World Health Organisation recommends a maximum daily sugar intake of 6 teaspoons for women (24 grams) and  9 teaspoons for men (24 grams). So one medium frappuccino contains the equivalent of three day’s worth of sugar for women and almost two day’s maximum RDA of sugar for men.

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Sugar is Just a Habit… that Becomes an Addiction

If you’re coming from the double mocha end of ‘how I like my coffee’, or just enjoy your favorite with lots of milk and sugar every day, you’ll notice the long term benefits of reducing your sugar and calorie intake from your daily coffee.

Many find a gradual reduction more tolerable. Some, cut out sugar cold turkey. Others begin to shift from refined sugar to only honey and maple syrup.

We find the best approach is to enjoy a low glycemic fruit when the sweet tooth strikes, and yet to reduce these over time as well. As your taste buds become more refined and detox from the sugar addiction, you’ll find that not only does it take less sweetness to satisfy, but you’ll actually prefer it.

Refined sugar has no nutritional value, and much negative health impact. You’ll get all the sugar you need naturally from a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, so stick close to nature… in its most natural, unprocessed forms and your body will become healthier and your brain more clear.

Work the choices every day instead of having your ‘usual’ mocha or frappuccino. Even if you’re not trying to lose weight your body will thank you and your health will be better for it.

Your coffee experience, (if you choose good coffee!) will be better too.

Believe in The Benefits of Breaking a Bad Habit

Breaking habits takes commitment. Your brain won’t like it when coffee time rolls around and there’s no sugar or cream so make it worth it.

“We usually give up bad habits when the benefits outweigh the consequences.” LeAura Alderson, founder, My Trainer Fitness:

To help yourself commit, do the math. Even a regular cappuccino has 73 calories. You need to walk 19 minutes to burn that. Does it really need to be a cappuccino every time?

Become a Connoisseur Not a Craver

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I love a long black. It’s a total experience, like a nice glass of wine but without the calories.

A latte might be your idea of heaven in a cup. Just curve the urge for little white squares and dollops of topping and make your daily coffee healthy and pleasurable.

Addiction Recovery Plan

Use these 3 tips from 12WBT.com to take you there.

  • Choose a small serve. So many servings are over sized. Ask for a small cup (of good coffee).
  • Go skinny. Cut your calorie intake by up to half by choosing skim milk.
  • Say ‘no’ to extras. Enjoy the taste of freshly ground coffee undisguised by sugar, whipped cream or shots of syrup

There’s a really cool graphic on 12WBT.com that shows you calorie comparisons of eight different common coffee drinks.

And also a great article, Aikido for Food on MyTrainerfitness.com to help you do some mental and emotional food moves that help you fight the food enemies.

Meanwhile, some people are actually losing weight by adding fat to their coffee! Yum! Just hold the sugar and add the butter and…

Oh! And… another tool to help you hone in on what’s going on in your body… and the immediate cause and effect of food and exercise choices, you will enjoy this article on how the number on your scale is just a tiny piece of the fitness puzzle.

More addictive than cocaine...
More addictive than cocaine…

No More Ostrich Syndrome… I Can’t Not Know Now

“I can no longer enjoy my favorite Venti Java Chip Frappuccino. For the longest time I avoided looking up the nutrition info for the sugar content, because I didn’t want to know. But what you don’t know can hurt you. I really enjoyed a weekly venti frapp or Tazo Chai… my favorites.

Now I know that each weekend treat of a venti frapp means I was consuming 22 teaspoons of sugar in under 30 minutes. That’s almost four days of the maximum RDA of sugar in about 15 minutes.

When would we—any of us—EVER sit at our table and load in 22 teaspoons of sugar into our coffee mug?

Just no one. Ever. It’s insanity. I’m fond of Starbucks and coffee shop hangouts, so this is not to pick on them. They make it, and people buy it. But you do have to wonder, who ever decided that was okay?” LeAura Alderson, founder, MyTrainerFitness.com



You do have to wonder, who ever decided that was okay?” LeAura Alderson, founder, MyTrainerFitness.com



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