Two Must-Try Home Workout Videos

By Rawiyah Mulung

Home workouts are the fast fitness solution for many.

Are you a gym rat or a home body? While some prefer the gym, no matter the season, others look for home solutions for a number of reasons. There are many benefits to home fitness videos, DVDs and workout cards.

Home Workouts:

– Save time
– Save gas
– Save money in gym fees
– Save money in special fitness attire, (that old t-shirt and shorts or sweats will do)
– No worries about how you look in public, (make-up, hair, etc)
– Saves embarrassment (especially when you’re just getting started; some don’t want to be seen red-in-face, out of breath and sweaty)
– Don’t like/intimidated by gyms
– Want to lose some weight first to feel better, then go to the gym
– Like to try lots of different workout DVDs
– Like the flexibility of working out on your own schedule and convenience
– Like to workout as a family or couple

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Many prefer to workout on their own schedule in the privacy of their home, and DVDs and fitness cards are great options.

There is no end to the variety of fitness DVDs you can try, and we recommend that you try a number of different ones to keep things interesting. Most exercise DVD’s last between 30-60 minutes per session, however you can pretty much tailor these to your schedule. For quick 5-30 minute sessions, you can try workout cards, such as My Trainer Fitness for At Home 6 pack or FitDeck.

In exercise DVD’s you also often get better body mechanics tips than in live classes, and you get to feel almost as if you’re right there in the studio or class with fitness celebrities.

In this article, we present two famous home workout videos which are in popular demand: Shaun T’s “Insanity Workout” and Autumn Calabrese’s “21 Day Fix”. Both fitness programs are from the popular and incredibly successful Beachbody Company which has created many popular DVD workouts.


1. Insanity Workout

Shaun T. Insanity Workout by Beachbody

There has been much hype around Shaun T’s Insanity Workout recently. This home workout video has been a huge success across the world. Although the workout has been given the title of “The Hardest Workout Ever Put on DVD”, this did not scare the thousands of fans who gave it a try.

The Insanity Workout basically consists of 60 days of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). HIIT itself is a highly physically demanding type of training. This is why Insanity Workout turns out to be such an effective form of training. Besides significant weight loss, Insanity Workout also promises overall body toning and muscle building. During your workouts, you train for 3 to 5 minutes straight and take a short break in order to breathe and have a quick recovery. You then resume training straight away. Although the principle behind Insanity is high-intensity interval training, it is also called max interval training. This is due to the fact that you force your body to work at its maximum capacity throughout the workout.


2. 21 Day Fix

21 Day Fix DVD workout by fitness trainer Autumn Calabrese and Beachbody

21 Day Fix DVD workout by fitness trainer Autumn Calabrese is another workout program which is well known for the results it delivers. It is of much lower impact than Insanity workout and only lasts 21 days, hence the name. Each video has duration of about 30 minutes only. The principle governing this workout is that it requires 21 days for an individual to pick up a particular habit and incorporate it in his routine. Therefore, the aim of 21 Day Fix is to get a person used to working out.

Another essential component of this workout program is the diet plan which is included. This diet plan takes out the guesswork from eating. This is because seven containers are already included in the workout package to control your portion sizes. You can be eating healthy but even too much of healthy food can make you gain weight. Similarly, moderate amounts of more fatty foods will not kill you. However, Autumn Calabrese already went through the trouble of determining the portion sizes which you need to reach your fitness goals. Each container is of a specific color and matches a particular type of food.

Why These Two Workouts?

The reason for choosing these two particular workouts is the high distinction between them. Insanity is a 2 months long workout which is quite physically demanding whereas 21 Day Fix lasts 21 days and is of lower impact. The choice between these two workout programs should be easy. Either you feel physically ready to embark on your Insanity journey or you first wish to get into better shape by trying a low impact workout program first.


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Workout at home like nobody’s watching.


21 Day Fix DVD workout by fitness trainer Autumn Calabrese

Beachbody Company

Insanity Workout DVD, by Shaun T.

FitDeck, exercise card decks

My Trainer Fitness for At Home 6 pack, complete workouts on laminated cards



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