The Favorite Breakfasts of Health Experts

The Go-To Breakfast Faves of Health Experts

Have you ever wondered what the world’s top health experts must be having for breakfast?

I’ve have because I’m striving to eat healthier, each day. Healthy eating starts with the very first meal of the day. When we think about breakfast, many ideas instantly come to mind. Pancakes? Muffins? Oatmeal? Bacon and eggs? Smoothies? Whatever you go for, make sure it’s healthy. What better way to decide than to have a look at what the world’s top health experts are having for their breakfast? got top health experts to share their favorite way to fuel up:

Barry Jay, Co-Founder of Barry’s Bootcamp, @bootcampbarry

In this past year, I’ve returned to being a vegan. My breakfasts tend to vary, depending on my mood. Typically it’s either oatmeal with natural almond or peanut butter, whole-grain bread with almond butter, or a protein shake consisting of almond milk, PlantFusion protein powder, peanut butter, and banana.



Tony Horton, Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Creator of P90X, @Tony_Horton

I saute tomato, garlic, red onion, pepper, and balsamic vinegar in olive oil, and I serve this on toasted sprouted whole-grain bread topped with eggs over easy and avocado.



Keri Gans, R.D.N., Author of The Small Change Diet, @kerigans

Oatmeal cooked with nonfat milk, topped with chunky natural almond butter and chia seeds. I take my vitamins with 1/4 cup calcium-fortified OJ mixed with around 3/4 cup seltzer. Then I top it all off with a mug of black coffee (half decaf/half caffeinated). I would do total decaf, but I compromise for my husband who needs his caffeine.



Brett Hoebel, Fitness Expert and Creator of 20 Minute Body, @bretthoebel

I make a chocolate peanut butter protein shake by combining chocolate protein powder, natural unsalted peanut butter, ice, unsweetened almond or coconut milk, cinnamon, and water.



Cynthia Sass, R.D., New York Times Best-Selling Author and Sports Nutritionist,  @CynthiaSass

My usual go-to breakfast these days is an apple smoothie made of a chopped apple (skin on) blended with unsweetened coconut milk, coconut butter, unsweetened pea protein powder, a handful of fresh spinach, and fresh grated ginger. I also have a tall glass of water with lots of fresh-squeezed lemon added.




Erica Giovinazzo, R.D., Brick New York: CrossFit Coach and Nutritionist, @ericasedge

I cook up whole eggs and egg whites, which I eat topped with peach and mango salsa. I am a firm believer in the importance of protein at breakfast. Because we’re fasting overnight while we sleep, our body naturally releases sugar into our bloodstream, and so our blood sugar is always slightly higher in the morning. There’s no need then to add fuel to fire with even more sugar!




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Ellie Krieger, R.D., New York Times Best-Selling Author and Host of Food Network’s Healthy Appetite, @Ellie_Krieger

Overnight oats in a jar: I mix yogurt, milk, oats, vanilla, cinnamon, and honey, then stir in some quartered grapes and almonds, and put it in jars to sit in the fridge overnight. By morning the oats have softened and absorbed all the great flavors, and it becomes like a pudding studded with sweet juicy bites of grapes and crunchy almonds.



Joy Bauer, R.D.N., Health and Nutrition Expert for NBC’s Today Show and Founder of Nourish Snacks, @joybauer

My mornings are so hectic that my go-to breakfasts are usually fast and fuss-free. One of my favorites is low-fat, plain Greek yogurt topped with one of my Nourish Snacks, like Coconuts for You (coconut chia-oat clusters), Cocoa Loco (dark chocolate chia-oat clusters), or Granny’s Apple Pie (cinnamon-spiced apples and walnuts). (YUM! We’ll be ordering some)! Don’t forget to top your yogurt with some.!



Adam Bornstein, New York Times Best-Selling Author and Founder of Born Fitness, @BornFitness

My breakfast starts later than most. I enjoy intermittent fasting, which means breakfast usually happens around noon. At that time, I’m feasting on an egg scramble with broccoli, spinach, peppers, and chicken sausage topped with sriracha. If it’s a training day, I’ll have a side of fruit salad or cream of rice mixed with almond butter and protein powder. (What a cool name)!



Danielle Tafeen Karuna, Founder of Provita and Yoga Expert, @ProvitaLiving

I always start my day off with a big glass of room-temperature water to hydrate first. After meditating, I have oatmeal pretty much every day of the week. I make it with water and add low-sugar, wheat-free granola, chia seeds, wild blueberries, and a scoop of cashew or almond butter. My husband always makes me a cup of coffee in the morning, but I drink it after I eat, so I usually take it to go with foamed coconut-almond milk and a bit of Truvia.



And, here are a couple more!

LeAura Alderson, Founder,, @LeAuraAlderson 


Each morning begins with a large glass of lemon water, followed by 3 Brazil Nuts and 3 Almonds, and my favorite “bulletproof coffee”, Butter Coffee with Coconut oil… YUMMY! By adding fat but eliminating sugar, I lost 5 lbs in 4 weeks, without changing anything else, and getting rid of the sugar makes it much easier to keep off the gut fat, and all other foods taste so much better too, without that body-altering, mind numbing, addicting sugar effect.



Breakfast around 9am is usually a bowl of chopped spinach well tossed with two chopped hot hard boiled eggs, toasted sunflower seeds, avocado, and a teaspoon of homemade olive oil lemon dressing. Very satisfying.



Best Fit Life’s Favorite, @BestFitLife

We love omelets! Of course you can make any combination—and we do—but our “fast food” go-to is a 3-egg omelet filled with a handful of fresh chopped spinach, 1-3 teaspoons of feta for flavor and sodium, topped with half a sliced avocado sprinkled with a teaspoon of toasted pine nuts (or sunflower seeds), and topped with fresh grated pepper. On weekends, we might substitute the feta for some grated organic cheddar or other favorite cheese. The fresh chopped spinach wilts slightly when you fold the omelet over, while maintaining the nutritional value of the raw spinach.

Healthy Spinach feta omelet, healthy breakfast
OMELET: 3 large free range eggs, handful fresh chopped spinach, 1 Tbsp. crumbled feta, cooked in pan lightly coated with sunflower or coconut oil.
Healthy breakfast omelet with fresh spinach, feta, avocado and pine nuts.
Healthy breakfast omelet with fresh spinach, feta, avocado and pine nuts.


What do you have for breakfast?

If you go hungry reading these, even if you’ve already had breakfast, like I had, you’re not alone! I found all of these breakfast ideas appealing and have tagged some to try right away. Reading what these health experts do, it’s so clear that they are conscious consumers of healthy foods and it has also reminded me to be more aware of some of the not-so-great breakfast habits I have. Time to try something new!

If you try them please share which are your favorites.



What the World’s Top Health Experts Eat for Breakfast

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