Which Sports Bra is Best for You?

Pick the Right Sports Bra- Shopping Tips Wearing the right sports bra is as important as putting on the right sports shoes. A sports bra must prevent your breasts from bouncing, sagging and stretching. You do NOT want all your hard work getting your body…

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More Powerful Than Morphine — Feel Better Fast

Free Legal “Drug” Readily Available Anytime You Want it Endorphins—named as endogenous morphine—are the feel good hormones that flood your body with happiness and well-being in response to exercise. Laughing out loud or even simply smiling can put the squeeze on your endorphin pump. These hormones can…


DOMS? Sore Muscle Make Over!

Sore Muscle Remedy for DOMS Days! Has this happened to you? You stumble out of bed in the morning, only to wince in pain as your muscles scream in protest. “What happened to my legs, you ask a foggy brain?!” Then you remember your great workout…


The Favorite Breakfasts of Health Experts

The Go-To Breakfast Faves of Health Experts Have you ever wondered what the world’s top health experts must be having for breakfast? I’ve have because I’m striving to eat healthier, each day. Healthy eating starts with the very first meal of the day. When we think about breakfast,…


7 Fat Blasting Home Exercises

Don’t Feel Like Going to the Gym? No Problem! Try Something New. It’s official: you are allowed to skip the gym sometimes. In fact… maybe the gym’s not for you at all. We all need a change up from time to time. Not only to prevent…


7 Exercises to Avoid

Not All Workouts are Created Equal At Best Fit Life, we’re all about what works for YOU. And… your favorite kind of fitness may be different than mine. We tend to think that variety keeps exercise interesting, so it’s good to try the latest and greatest in…


Nature’s Drugs – Your Endogenous Morphine

By Rawiyah Mulung and LeAura Alderson Natural Solutions for a Quick Fix that Works. No Pills. It’s easy to discount simple solutions for problems that plague us. Yet often, that’s all it takes. Simple may not be easy… it may take more effort than taking a…


Upgrade Your Diet with These Superfoods

Choose These Super Foods for Better Health People today are all about high performance, bio-hacking and how to get the most  out of the least. Take your clean-eating game to the next level! We are not talking about expensive and—often useless—supplements here. We are dealing…

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5 Life Changes to Expect When you Straighten up

Fix Your Posture and You’ll Fix These Things Too Slouching drains your energy, triggers headaches, stress and aches. Who needs that, right?! Straightening your posture can have a significant influence on your life. In fact, good posture itself is an essential part of a good life….


Hidden Signs of Depression

Signs of Depression that can Look Like Something Else Most people do not realize that depression’s symptoms aren’t as simple as “feeling sad.” Depression affects one out of ten Americans. That’s a huge number of people when you consider America’s population. It’s even worse when…

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