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Repetitive Strain Injury Got You Down?

We’re Not Wired for This Try not being on a computer for hours a day. You don’t have to be at work. It’s hard at home too. We sit at our ergonomic desk in our ergonomic chair and get involved with our screen.  Every now…

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What’s Holding You Together?

Time to Meet Your Fascia We often talk about building muscle and losing fat. We talk about fashion and appearance. But rarely do we talk about that which underlies all movement: Our fascia. Fascia is one of the most amazing things you have, yet how many…

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Compromised Immune System

When Too Clean is a Concern Did you play in the dirt when you were little? Did you live in a big family? Did you have a pet? If you said yes, you’re lucky! That was all good for your immune system. Designed to fight infection…

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Gluten, FODMAPS and Yes, You’re Sensitive

You Don’t Have to Explain Yourself for Going Gluten Free My education on food sensitivity started when my grandson and granddaughter were diagnosed as dairy intolerant. Where did this come from? Neither of their parents had any food intolerance and neither had their families. I watched…

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PMS is Never Normal

How to Say no to PMS PMS can be like this. But it doesn’t have to be. Once we were told that we had to endure PMS. PMS (premenstrual syndrome) was first described in 1931. By the 1950s medicine had recognised estrogen as a major…

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What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

What’s Hiding in Your Coffee? A long black, as we call it in Australia, has about 2 calories. That’s just a simple cup of black coffee. A “long black” is the same as an Americano. Both are made the same way: by pouring a double-shot…


Foods that Help You Sleep

By Anne Pyle ­ Eat Better, Sleep Better Are your nights sleepless or sleep-short?  Breaking the cycle can be a nightmare! In the short term not sleeping isn’t harmful. Avoiding coffee in the evening, getting over jet lag, or solving a nagging problem might be enough….

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What Your Adrenal Glands are Telling You

By Anne Pyle and LeAura Alderson Feeling Exhausted? It Could be a Message from Your Stress Glands You probably know people like this: they spend more time talking about their busy life and how exhausted they are, than they spend doing something about it. Hopefully this is…

Millennials, Yoga and You

Anne Pyle and LeAura Alderson The Benefits of Yoga Practice Measured The number of people doing yoga has increased enormously over the last decade.  The Huffington Post reports that in the US in 2008 15 million adults practiced yoga. By 2012 the figure was 20…


Natural Sunscreen from Fruit

By Anne Pyle Sun Protective Fruits & Nuts — Eat Your Sunscreen! Eat it or slather it, we’ve got you covered! In a recent Best Fit Life article, we discussed how to protect skin against too much sun, but still get sufficient vitamin D, the number one source…

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