Quick Fix Health Hacks

Simple Steps to Your Best Fit Life

Have you heard of life hacks? These are those simple and clever ideas that make you go, “Ah! why didn’t I think of that?”, when you read about them and apply them to your daily life.

Life hacks can include anything from cooling a drink faster by wrapping a wet paper towel around a beverage and placing it in the freezer for a few minutes, to adding fat to your coffee for faster caffeine assimilation in the brain. (More on this under ‘Resources’).

Powerful life hacks can transform your health as well, with simple changes for greater success, that translate in every area of life. It’s crazy how seemingly small changes and adjustments can actually have a profound positive impact on our life and our health.

The good news: small changes can have a profound impact.


Ready for fast hacks to health and fitness? We like these by Dominique Wakefield, Contributor to the American Council on Exercise.

1. Get Enough Sleep! You Need 7 to 8 Hours Each Night

Adults need to sleep seven to eight hours per night for the brain to recharge and cells to repair themselves, and for the body to release vital hormones. Without enough sleep, we can experience a number of consequences, including physical, mental and emotional issues.

2. Get Hydrated! You Need 9 to 13 Cups of Water Each Day

The human body is more than 60 percent water, which plays a vital role in a variety of functions including digestion, absorption of food and chemical reactions. Women should consume at least 9 cups (2.2 liters) of fluid per day and men should drink at least 13 cups (3 liters) of fluid per day. Without proper hydration, the human body cannot perform to its fullest potential during and outside of workouts.

3. Get Healthy! You Need 3 to 5 Servings of Fruits and Veggies Each Day

Fruits and vegetables are filled with  fiber, vitamins and minerals. In the United States, many adults do not consume the minimum recommended amount of fruits and vegetables, depriving themselves of the essential nutrients the body needs to perform well.


Sweet snacks you can feel good about and that make your body feel even better.

4. Get Clean! You Need to Keep Away From Harmful Substances

Smoking and using drugs, and the consumption of alcohol, caffeine and sodas all can have detrimental and harmful effects on the body. While some argue that everything in moderation is just fine, here are two questions worth asking: Could the human body perform better during fitness sessions and throughout the day if harmful substances were completely avoided? Do the benefits of using or consuming harmful substances outweigh the costs?

shutterstock_242344369 (1)5. Get Moving! You Need to Keep Your Body in Motion Throughout the Day

Energy levels and stamina are automatically increased when one sits less and moves more, even at low-intensity levels. Strive for a minimum of 10,000 steps throughout the day, outside of your structured fitness/exercise session. Steps can be tracked by an inexpensive pedometer or one of many free apps currently available. Physical fitness success rates will greatly depend on overall physical activity levels.


Sound too Simple? Start and You’ll See

shutterstock_283872980These minute changes and life hacks can dramatically alter your health in the best ways possible. You will be surprised at all of the health benefits you will unpack within yourself when you give these a try and make them a part of your life.

Like Nike’s famous slogan, just do it! Go out there and make these changes today and you will be on your way to a brand new you.



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