The Relationship Between Stress and Fat

Relax and Lose Weight!

Stress is never a good thing. But being relaxed at all times isn’t easy either.

How can you be relaxed before an exam? How do you relax during a tough business negotiation… or when the kids are screaming and you have a headache… or you’re late for work?

There are many other situations where being relaxed is important, but it seems practically impossible. Indeed, it is not humanly possible for you to control every single hormone in your body. But there are techniques to help you relax more. No, you’re not going to hear the same usual “take a deep breath and let it go” punchline.

Fitness Magazine reveals 8 Relaxation Techniques You’ve Never Heard Of, 5 of which I personally find to be most effective:

5 Surprising Ways to Relax More

  1. Wear a Calming Color

If you’re a type-A personality, water-like colors such as blue and green will soothe you. “Anything with water helps our minds connect and calm down,” Davidji says. If you’re more laid-back, go for earth tones and pastels.


  1. Build Relaxation into Your Morning Routine

Jumping out of bed at the sound of your alarm may sound efficient, but it could set you up for stress. Instead, start each day with 10 to 15 minutes of relaxation, Meadows says. Taking the time to meditate, journal, or simply enjoy the quiet helps you gear up for the day, so you’re ready to tackle whatever’s on your plate.


  1. Hang with Your BFF

You instinctively call her when you’re feeling down, and there’s a scientific reason for it. Being around your bestie creates a buffer from the stress hormone cortisol, according to a Developmental Psychology study. Chances are she could go for a chill-out sesh too.


  1. Crack a Smile

Happy or not, the simple act of smiling could instantly put you in a more relaxed mood. Those who smiled in a Psychological Science study had lower heart rates after a stressful event compared to those who held their faces in a neutral position. Translation? Smiling can reduce the way the body processes stress. Bonus: You’ll get the reputation as the friendly chick (or dude) who grins even in the grocery store aisle.


  1. Get a Whiff of Orange or Rose Oil

Step aside for a second, lavender. Next time you’re feeling tense and on edge, call on orange or rose oil. Smelling these essential oils leads to relaxation of the body and mind, according to a Complementary Therapies in Medicine study. Try beauty products infused with the calming scents, like Laura Mercier’s Infusion de Rose Nourishing Oil or Thalgo’s In the Cascade of Scents Relaxing Precious Oil. Or add a few drops of the essential oil to your body lotion to usher in feelings of calm as you moisturize.


Don’t Worry, Be Happy

You don’t have to scream, shout or drown yourself in ice-cream to feel relaxed. In fact, these unhealthy habits may only push you further into the vicious cycle of stress. The way out is to adopt subtle and healthy techniques like the ones mentioned in this article. These should help you get through your day without feeling wrecked or mentally exhausted by the end. The Guide to a Happy Day on Best Fit Life also helps achieve the same goal.



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