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Strength Training vs. Aerobic Activity…Let the Battle Begin

Balancing aerobic and strength exercise in your fitness routine. When it comes to deciding how to spend our precious workout time it is important to choose something we love to do.  I love swimming.  I would rather swim than just about any other type of physical activity. When I was…


10 Warm-ups You Can’t Do Without

Avoid injury and get ready for your workout with these warm-ups A balanced warm-up routine can make all the difference in the effectiveness of your workout. Warming up helps prevent injury and gets your muscles ready to perform at their optimum, while raising your heart-rate helps boost your cardio effectiveness…


Fast Fitness Workouts – the Short and the Long of it

Fitness shortcuts for busy lifestyles – do they deliver? When time isn’t on your side, keeping up a regular fitness routine can seem impossible. These quick, intense workouts can seem like that answer – short enough to fit into even the busiest schedule, but intense enough to have real effects….


Mental Fitness Tips

Keeping your mind in shape Healthy Mind in Healthy Body – so the saying goes. Take some time out regularly to pay attention to your mental wellbeing. Make it as regular a habit as your physical fitness routine and keep your mind in as good shape as your body. We found…

Top Tips for Zumba Beginners

Dance your way to health and fitness with these five tips What’s your cardio workout style? Do you prefer the quiet, solo meditation of running, the challenge of a spin class, or do you prefer something fun and exciting, something that feels more like a night out dancing with friends?…


Vital Business Skill Every Entrepreneur and CEO Must Have

Visionary and Scientific Approach to Business As important as physical exercise is to one’s health, keeping your mind fit and toned is just as important, to help you on the road to success. Maintaining a wide enough perspective and being able to recognize changes in business and the marketplace are…


Trim and Tone Thighs with These Simple Tips

By LeAura Alderson What have you done for your legs lately? Think about it: “Thunder Thighs”, “hate my thighs”, “can’t wear shorts”… we’ve all heard them and perhaps even said them. But our legs are the vehicle that carries us around, so treat them well and make them strong, and they…

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Strength Training Will Burn Fat Longer

by Devani Alderson Toning & Weights Over Cardio For the longest time, all I wanted to do at the gym was cardio (treadmill was my favorite).  I’d just zone out to music or an audiobook and start jogging, and work up to interval sprints.  After a while, I got really…


Running Tips for Beginners

Running is one of the world’s most popular solo sports and exercise programs. If you want to get started running, these helpful tips will help you avoid injury and do it right.


10 Fitness Pros and 10 Tips in Under 10 Minutes!

by Devani Alderson Tired of not achieving your fitness goals? A healthy lifestyle means knowing what fitness and nutrition strategies to implement and when.  Going to the gym but still eating like a starved animal, will not get you far. While eating healthy will keep fat off, lack of weight…