10 Fitness Hacks to Boost Your Routine

By Bronwen Bartlett

Easy routine shake-ups for a real difference

Whether you’ve been working on your weight and fitness for years, or are just starting out, there are ways to beat the boredom and make your routine more effective – and some may not be what you thought they are. Follow our 10 tips to get fit, stay fit and shed pounds this season.

1. Get more sleep

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We know, life is hectic and you get what sleep you can, working around jobs, kids, family, friends… sometimes you just need to wind down in front of the TV before you head for bed – it’s all rest, after all. Nope. Skipping sleep, even one or two hours, can cause your body to start producing Grehlin, a hormone that triggers hunger, causing you to eat more. Rather get the eight hours your body needs – not only will you not eat more, you’ll feel more rested and positive, which helps with the motivation to get through the day and your fitness routine both.