Get Inspired to Get Fit… Get Fit to Get Inspired!

By Kevin Martin and LeAura Alderson

Exercise, Fitness, Inspiration and Motivation… it’s a Chicken and Egg Equation

People often talk about needing to get motivated to get fit. It’s really a chicken and egg kind of thing because while we need to generate the motivation to get fit, getting fit—in and of itself—is motivating!

Exercise energizes the body, and as we we feel better and more energized, we’re much more likely to also be more enthusiastic, inspired… and inspiring! When people look good, feel good and feel inspired, they’re much more likely to positively affect others as well.

Fitness is About More than Getting Ripped…

Fitness has a ripple effect that touches every area of life.

I’ve found that one of the greatest things we can do is help others, and for me, nothing feels better than that.

Helping others and positively impacting their lives is what I love most about being a personal trainer. It’s incredibly rewarding to help someone improve their health and fitness… to see them get lighter and stronger and brighter each week, and to see those changes boost every area of their life.

Exercise has the greatest ROI than anything else we can do. If exercise were traded on Wall Street, it would be a winner every time. LeAura Alderson, founder,


Health and Fitness is Contagious

When it comes to fitness, we can be an inspiration for those around us, and that opportunity to positively influence others boomerangs back to us, further motivating and inspiring us to keep doing more of that.

Our story inspires other to create their own.

When we hit the gym, share our fitness story and our results, and make beneficial health changes within ourselves, it helps others realize that they can do it also.

Fitness, like inspiration has a ripple effect that can touch many, and it all begins with you.

So if you’re just getting started, find positive people who are into fitness to hang out with and buddy up with to help keep each other accountable and going, even when you don’t feel like it. Because here’s the thing:

No one ever regrets a workout. We don’t want to become our excuses. LeAura Alderson, founder,

If you’re already doing well in your own fitness program, keep an eye out for others you may be able to help, especially newbies. It will improve their chances or success, you will positively impact their life, and in so doing, it will have a positive impact on you.

The American Council on Exercise—ACE—recommends these tips to become a fitness inspiration for the world around you. Whether your a fitness professional or an exercise newbie, these tips are relevant and will benefit you if you apply them.

Be A Leader

Be a role model. Do others see you enjoying the benefits of being active? Set an example by inviting friends to walk with you or take an exercise class after work.

Best Fit Life TIP: If you’re new to exercise, the fastest way to get fit while helping others and yourself, is to coordinate exercise “events” amongst your friends, peers, co-workers, etc., This can be gym dates for exercise classes, yoga and or co-training by sharing a personal trainer for an hour. It could include coordinating work day exercise breaks, whether you work in an office or are a stay-at-home mom. By volunteering to as coordinator and head motivator, it naturally keeps you—as leader—motivated too!

Enjoy It!

Make fitness fun. Some people prefer to play games rather than exercise. Make the idea of exercising a game in itself and offer rewards for participation or meeting certain goals.

Best Fit Life TIP: Create an exercise “kitty” where you and your exercise buddies (see the above TIP) contributes a dollar each time you meet for a class, ($5 if you miss one!). Then at month’s end you use that money to treat yourselves out for a healthy meal together to celebrate your wins.


Be both active and productive. Show friends and family that it’s possible to be both active and productive by doing activities that accomplish a task while also using some energy, such as walking the dog to the store to buy a newspaper, mowing the lawn, biking to work or walking to school.


Short And Simple

Make workouts short and sweet. Who says exercise has to take up a lot of time? Knock out this excuse by showing others how easy it is to exercise in short blocks of time spread throughout the day.

Give Back Even More

Train for a charity event together. Get fit and raise money for a good cause. For some, it’s easier to be motivated to exercise if it’s done for a larger cause.

With your health, you can do more than exercise; you can be an inspiration!

Fitness can be more than just a workout. It can be a way to make the world a better place by being a role model and an inspiration. Do what you love and help others to find the same passion that you have. You are awesome, so show others they are awesome too!
SOURCE: Ace Fitness




Remember, it’s vital to your success to hang out with other positive people seeking to better themselves. Positivity is contagious. Success is contagious. If you want to do better and be better, hang out with people who have that similar mindset. Your environment and friends play a critical role in helping you reach your goals.


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