Five Unforgettable Fitness Tips

Get fit, stay fit with simple, sensible advice

When you’re just starting out on your fitness journey, you will come across a lot of advice. It can be a lot to absorb – not to mention the massive amount of contradictory advice you’ll hear and read. These five tips,  excerpted from LA Fitness, should clear the clutter and give you a good foundation on which to build.

Change it up


Making small changes to your routine every few weeks will keep things fresh and help you to stay motivated so you don’t fall out of the gym habit. At least once a week, enjoy a yoga class for deep stretching to loosen and lubricate your entire system.

Invest in new shoes


The average life of a good pair of running shoes is 400-600 miles. Trade your trainers in for a new pair as soon as you hit that magic number.

Editor’s note: This is debatable. Check out this article and see what you think. Ultimately, you have the answer for you. Educate yourself, then observe the health of your feet, skeletal structure, such as knees, back, hips, joints, ligaments and tendons. 

shutterstock_262333886Tailor your stretching Warm-up

Everybody knows it’s important to stretch before a workout, but doing static stretches, in which you hold a position for 30 seconds, can actually inhibit performance. Instead, try dynamic stretches which involve taking your muscles through their full range of movements.

Editor’s Note: We disagree with LA Fitness on this. Today’s research reveals that it’s best to warm up before and cool down while stretching after exercise. The stretch-before-exercise is old information and not true. See this article from WebMD: The Truth About Stretching.

My Gym Trainer vol. 2
My Gym Trainer vol. 2

Add an incline

Adding an incline on the treadmill builds muscle tone, uses more energy and speeds up weight loss.


Food is fuel

Use your window. Not the glass kind – we’re talking about the nutrition ‘window of opportunity’. For around 90 minutes after exercise, your metabolism is working harder and your muscles are crying out for protein to aid muscle building and recovery.



Five Fitness Tips You’ll Remember Forever

The Truth About Stretching, from WebMD


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