Fast Fitness Workouts – the Short and the Long of it

Fitness shortcuts for busy lifestyles – do they deliver? When time isn’t on your side, keeping up a regular fitness routine can seem impossible. These quick, intense workouts can seem like that answer – short enough to fit into even the busiest schedule, but intense…

Trim and Tone Thighs with These Simple Tips

By LeAura Alderson What have you done for your legs lately? Think about it: “Thunder Thighs”, “hate my thighs”, “can’t wear shorts”… we’ve all heard them and perhaps even said them. But our legs are the vehicle that carries us around, so treat them well and…

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Strength Training Will Burn Fat Longer

by Devani Alderson Toning & Weights Over Cardio For the longest time, all I wanted to do at the gym was cardio (treadmill was my favorite).  I’d just zone out to music or an audiobook and start jogging, and work up to interval sprints.  After…

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Killer Buns with One Simple Move

You can beat the effects of sitting at a desk all day by adding one simple move to your workout. Tone and lift your butt while stretching and improving your posture with a walking lunge. Our quick how-to guide gets you started.