Nails… Windows of Health

How Are You? Ask Your Nails What are these white spots? Where have my cuticles gone? Why aren’t my nails growing? Why do my nails keep breaking? If you’ve ever wondered about any of these things, you’ll want to keep on reading. Healthy Nails Indicate a…

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Eat Right for Best Results!

Healthy Eating gets Healthy Results Bottom line? No matter how much you exercise, you won’t get—or keep—the physique you want, without paying attention to the quality and quantity of food and beverages you consume. Healthy eating gets results. It’s true that fitness is born in…


Nail Your Nail Power

How to Keep Your Nails Well Recently I heard a female politician on radio explaining how she got through important and intimidating meetings by wearing red.  It made her feel powerful.  I love this.  It showed she was looking after herself. I’ve used the same strategy. …


Boost Your Brain Health with These 6 Foods

Looking to perk up your grey matter? Six food to help you do just that. You are at the right place. There are certain foods which can improve your brain health. People often focus on weight loss, however, often,   But you surely need to keep your…


11 Things Sugar Does to You

We know it hurts, but we still love it… It’s a love-hate relationship!! We love it… most of us are hooked on it, likely even more than we know, and we hate it because we know we shouldn’t. Some of the effects that sugar can…

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The Best Drink in The World and it’s Healthy!

by Devani Alderson A Drink Doesn’t Get Better You want to know the best feeling in the world? When you find a drink that tastes amazing, warms you up (or cools you off!), and is healthy for you! Obviously I’m talking about coffee, it’s pretty…


Acai Berries: Energy, Brain, and Body Boosting!

by Devani Alderson Berry Healthy for You! Oh man! Have you ever had Acai berries? I only recently heard about them, and now I see them everywhere!  I was helping some friends with their retreat program in Florida (Board Meetings International) and there was a guy who…


Foods that Help You Sleep

By Anne Pyle ­ Eat Better, Sleep Better Are your nights sleepless or sleep-short?  Breaking the cycle can be a nightmare! In the short term not sleeping isn’t harmful. Avoiding coffee in the evening, getting over jet lag, or solving a nagging problem might be enough….

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Clear Skin: 3 DIY Cleansing Facials

by Devani Alderson Clear Skin is NOT A Myth I know it’s hard to believe!  But trust me on this one, hacking the “clear skin” code is easier than you think. Most of us know that our skin is the biggest part of our body….


Chocolate Should Be Part of Your Diet

The Dark Knight of Foods Chocolate comes from a bean, which comes from a plant, which means it’s a vegetable.  Which makes it a salad.  Salads are healthy… See where I’m going?  This game could get dangerous.  😉 Dark chocolate is proven to help cardiovascular…