Beneficial Beverages for a Body Boost

Water Rules, but These Beverage May Surprise You You will rarely hear anyone advising you to forgo water for other drinks. I’m also not giving that advice. It would be very wrong. What I do recommend is for you to benefit from other good-for-you drinks as well….

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5 Popular Health Myths: BUSTED!

Who Should You Trust? There are so many voices online talking about what you should or shouldn’t do when it comes to health and nutrition. One article talks about avoiding fat, while another says you need it, and yet another talks about only have a certain type…

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Gluten, FODMAPS and Yes, You’re Sensitive

You Don’t Have to Explain Yourself for Going Gluten Free My education on food sensitivity started when my grandson and granddaughter were diagnosed as dairy intolerant. Where did this come from? Neither of their parents had any food intolerance and neither had their families. I watched…


5 Healthy Snacks for Stress Eaters

Healthy Comfort Foods to Alleviate Stress Even the healthiest person can reach for snacks under stress. Should you be feeling guilty about it? Not if the snacks are healthy. But is there any such thing as healthy snacks for stress eaters? Most definitely, yes! If…


Peanut Butter, My Best Friend in the Kitchen

I’m a Proud Guilt-Free Peanut Butter Addict My day starts with peanut butter and ends with peanut butter. I always add one tablespoon of this deliciousness in my oatmeal bowl. Every. Single. Morning. I also found a way to take peanut butter with coffee! Coffee…


Lifestyle Health and Fitness

Beware Quick Fix Diets We get it… you want to cleanse and feel better NOW. Bad news: real weight loss takes time. Your body didn’t become fat and out of shape overnight, so don’t fall for quick-fix diet plans. Good news: every effort you make is moving you in the…


The Food Cure

“Let Food be Thy Medicine.” Hippocrates Food can cure disease, relieve pain, heal injuries and help cancer patients. There seems to be a food remedy for every ailment. Our ancestors swore by food remedies, and for good reason. Medicinal plants have worked wonders down the ages….

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What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

What’s Hiding in Your Coffee? A long black, as we call it in Australia, has about 2 calories. That’s just a simple cup of black coffee. A “long black” is the same as an Americano. Both are made the same way: by pouring a double-shot…


The Silent Attack on Masculinity

What was Wrong with Me? A couple of years ago, it felt like something was missing in my life. I was frail, had little energy, vacillated from anger to depression, and overall, just didn’t feel whole. Taking on the gym changed all that. Weight lifting…


The Masculine Hormone

Who Knew?! I had no idea my testosterone levels were low! I mean, I’m a young guy, in my prime in my 20’s, so it never occurred to me that low testosterone was an issue. But something wasn’t right. I was frequently depressed, often tired, and…