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Losing Weight Without Losing Control

By Anne Pyle and LeAura Alderson How to Simplify Weight Loss “It’s a simple-sounding formula:  burn more calories, eat less and move more.”  Health Magazine But losing weight can be daunting! The process of constantly measuring what we can and cannot have can exhausting and even depressing. But it…


6 Compelling Reasons to Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Don’t Be Daunted, Be Daring Healthy Lifestyle Changes can seem daunting at first, but it’s really all about mindset and how we look at it, as to whether it will be an adventure we embrace or a chore we resist. If you’re one of those…


Natural Treatment for Sleep Problems

By Bronwen Bartlett Refreshed, Revitalized and Ready to Go It’s a common ailment – after sitting at your desk for a few hours, you’re exhausted. We’ve all felt the mid-afternoon slump, the difficulty concentrating, the need to get up and have a cup of coffee before…


Top 3 Tips to a Fit Life

The Fitness Lifestyle Make a list. Do it. Check it off. Here’s a list of three things from and fitness pro, from their top 10 tips for getting into—and staying in—your fitness groove. These are all awesome, so it was hard to choose a…


Is Yoga on the Run an Oxymoron?

Missing your zen when you need it most? I get that it sounds oxymoronic to link yoga and “on the run” in the same kindred sentence. I mean yoga is virtually synonymous with peace and calm, right? Like many of us, I am a working mom….

Top 25 Fitness Influencers

Top 25 Fitness Influencers

Fashion changes on what constitutes a health guru and on what we should be doing for a healthy life.  Often the latest revolutionary diet is found to be just the latest fad, and sometimes a bad choice for our body and wellness. So how do we…


Creating an Inspiring Home Workout Space

by Amy Hammond We can’t always get to the gym.  That is real life!  This is why, when recently finishing our basement, my husband and I decided to dedicate some of the space to becoming our home gym.  We knew we couldn’t sacrifice tons of space,…


Mental Fitness Tips

Keeping your mind in shape Healthy Mind in Healthy Body – so the saying goes. Take some time out regularly to pay attention to your mental wellbeing. Make it as regular a habit as your physical fitness routine and keep your mind in as good shape…


Vital Business Skill Every Entrepreneur and CEO Must Have

Visionary and Scientific Approach to Business As important as physical exercise is to one’s health, keeping your mind fit and toned is just as important, to help you on the road to success. Maintaining a wide enough perspective and being able to recognize changes in…


10 Fitness Pros and 10 Tips in Under 10 Minutes!

by Devani Alderson Tired of not achieving your fitness goals? A healthy lifestyle means knowing what fitness and nutrition strategies to implement and when.  Going to the gym but still eating like a starved animal, will not get you far. While eating healthy will keep…