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Find Your Fitness Motivation!

Do Hard Things You Won’t Regret it! Let’s face it: Working out is not easy. It’s not supposed to be. Some days are harder than others and sometimes we can lose our motivation to exercise. There can even be times when we start to make…

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Meditation is “in” for Millennials

Mediation is all the Rage I suppose that’s oxymoronic… to couple ‘meditation’ and ‘rage’ in the same sentence  So, we can change that sub title to be: Meditation is Cool Again! Yeah, you’d think this was the 60’s all over again. Well, almost. Remember the…

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Guide to a Happy Day

Feeling Down…? Turn it Around! Have you ever had that one horribly crappy day you just can’t seem to shake off? Maybe you started your day thinking this is just not your day? We’ve all been there. Unless you’re one of those people who just like to…

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Fitness Increases Ability, Regardless of Age

By Anne Pyle Your Age Is Your Choice You wouldn’t tell your child not to do what they love, or to try for their highest goal, would you?  Sure, you’d warn them about being realistic, getting good advice before they make a major decision, but…

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Mindset for Brain Health

by Devani Alderson Stop Bad Mouthing Yourself! We talk about physical fitness and health, but what about brain health? Our brains are where all the action starts, and we just like our car or other machines, we want to make sure it’s functioning at it’s…


Run Like a Pro – Running Tips You Need to Know

Quick Tips to Hone Your Runner’s Zone When you’re just starting out as a runner, it’s always a good idea to get to know the pros, the long-timers who’ve picked up all the useful knowledge. They can tell you all the wheres, whys and hows, what gear…

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Be a Weight Loser and Muscle Winner!

When your scale goes up, don’t get down! Retraining your brain to stop worrying about the scale and stay focused on how you feel can be very difficult. For more years than I care to mention I constantly worried about the number that would pop…


For Best Results, Hire a Personal Trainer

The Power of Personal Trainers DISCLAIMER: First, we are not selling personal training sessions. Rather, it’s tips and advice you can apply toward hiring a PT or, how to get by with better workouts on your own. Can’t afford a personal trainer? Most people think…


Five Finger Shoes and the Barefoot Soul

When was the Last Time You Went Barefoot Outside? If you tried the Vibram five finger style shoes when they were the rage like I did, then you’ll have your opinions on whether you love them or ditched them. Growing up in Hawaii, where all…


Don’t Let Your Ego Ruin Your Diet

By Anne Pyle You Don’t Need To Self-Sabotage We can read the heavy stuff about diet and will power … and we get that. But knowing what we have to do to lose weight and being okay with it doesn’t mean we will do it….