Top Tips for Zumba Beginners

Dance your way to health and fitness with these five tips What’s your cardio workout style? Do you prefer the quiet, solo meditation of running, the challenge of a spin class, or do you prefer something fun and exciting, something that feels more like a…


Running Tips for Beginners

Running is one of the world’s most popular solo sports and exercise programs. If you want to get started running, these helpful tips will help you avoid injury and do it right.


10 Fitness Pros and 10 Tips in Under 10 Minutes!

by Devani Alderson Tired of not achieving your fitness goals? A healthy lifestyle means knowing what fitness and nutrition strategies to implement and when.  Going to the gym but still eating like a starved animal, will not get you far. While eating healthy will keep…


The Most Dangerous Foods You Consume

Who doesn’t love french fries?! But here’s the thing: Not facing the truth won’t make it go away. If you guessed fried foods, you nailed it. Frying can be a quick and tasty alternative to steaming, grilling, roasting or boiling. And fried foods are amongst the most…

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Natural Ways to Detoxify Your Body

By Ajsa Sinanovic If your health is suffering, the solution might be simple. Are you often tired or lacking energy? Do you feel sleepy by day but toss and turn at night, waking up tired? It could be super simple. It could be that it’s time to…


6 Food Tips for Weight Loss

By Devani Alderson What’s in Your Kitchen? You’ve probably heard that about 80% of the healthy lifestyle journey is about the foods you consume… Or more importantly, what you stop consuming. There are many people who assume ‘eating healthy’ means there won’t be enough on the…

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The Best Way to Motivate Kids to Get Fit

Children Grow Through Movement Movement and children go hand in hand. Look at toddlers. They are full of movement. Exercise for kids is just a way of life. Childhood and activity are synonymous… or should be. Our modern lifestyle… the technology and information age is…

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