Intimidated by Fit Chicks?

Stefaniya Koleva and LeAura Alderson Get Your Fit on at Home! Do you want to exercise and get in shape, but feel like something is always stopping you?  During the last 3 years I have tried several different kinds of exercises and workouts in my attempt…


Exercise Boosts Brain Power and Creativity

How Cardio and HIIT Can Improve Your Cognitive Abilities Before sitting down to write any article, I make sure to take a trip to the gym. When the blood gets pumping and sweat is flowing, creativity flows too. Exercise boosts brain power, elevates energy and super charges productivity. Even…

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Breathing – The Key To An Efficient Workout

Getting Your Second Wind Have you ever wondered why you feel tired after running just 1 mile or making a few repetitions of your exercise? It could be your breathing. Breathing is an important part of life as well as of working out. With the right…

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How Walking Can Transform Your Health

Is Walking Enough? It’s surprising just how much walking can transform our health. We often think that we need to do the most hard, the most difficult, and the most challenging workouts to get the results that we want. Subsequently, some people are dreading exercise before…


4 Exercises to Strengthening Your Knees

Diet Can Cause Knee Pain Knee pain is a pretty common issue, and not just for athletes who have gotten injured. If you haven’t been injured but are experiencing knee pain, or any joint pain, I would first look at your diet.  One of the first…


7 Agility Moves to Fire Your Fibers

Agility Exercises, Burn Calories and Create Your Safety Net  Agility moves increase your speed and focus, while developing strength, cardiovascular endurance and activate your fast twitch muscle fibers that help keep you from falling. If you’ve never done agility training, you can ease into it,…

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Build Muscle, Torch Fat, Save Time

The Lean Mean Muscle Machine of HIIT If you’re like me, then you have a busy schedule and barely enough time to set aside for working out. I used to spend one to two hours at the gym, taking at least 5-10 minute breaks after…


Build Big Muscle

by Kevin Martin Bodybuilding Tips to Build Big Muscles Are you looking to increase your muscle mass and build the strong muscles you have always dreamed of? A muscular physique is a powerful motivator for many fitness enthusiasts. Having a goal keeps us inspired to push…

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Bad Knees? You Can Still Tone Those Thighs and Glutes!

By Stefaniya Koleva and LeAura Alderson Leg Exercises for Glutes and Thighs — Even if You Have Bad Knees No matter if you have trained for years or you are just starting, you have probably at least once felt pain or injured yourself during a workout….


5 Holiday Fit Tips

Workout on a holiday? I’d love to, but… This is my first reaction when it comes to exercise during holidays. A thousand thoughts cross my mind at that time: “I don’t have the time to workout… I have to get ready for guests… There is so…