7 Fat Blasting Home Exercises

Don’t Feel Like Going to the Gym? No Problem! Try Something New.

It’s official: you are allowed to skip the gym sometimes. In fact… maybe the gym’s not for you at all. We all need a change up from time to time. Not only to prevent boredom, but also to prevent our body from adapting and going on “automatic” and reaching a plateau, or worse, reversing the benefits.

But you know you do need to exercise! And today, it’s easier than ever before to blast fat and get fit right from the comfort of home.

So, are there close-to-home or at-home exercises that really blast fat? YES!

Health Magazine reveals the 8 Best Fat-Blasters:

  1. Inline skating – 425 calories in 30 minutes

Skating is numero uno on our list when it comes to blasting fat and calories. The big burn stems from the side-to-side movement of your thigh and butt muscles. Skate with friends to make it even more fun!



  1. Running – 374 calories in 30 minutes

The typical runner’s shape is sleek and lean, and there’s a reason for that: The major running muscles—legs, butt, core—happen to be the biggest calorie-and-fat-burning muscles in your body. Warm up with squats and squat jumps and you’ll do even better to get those large muscles primed and toned.



  1. Jumping rope – 340 calories in 30 minutes

You knew this workout had to be high on the list. After all, it’s one of pro boxers’ favorite ways to train. To get the most from each jump, use a rope with handles that reach to just under your armpits when you stand on the middle of it.



  1. Hula hooping – 300 calories in 30 minutes

Marisa Tomei and Beyoncé hoop to keep their bodies beautiful. To do it yourself, grab an adult-sized hoop (they’re larger and heavier than kids’ hoops, making them easier to spin); you’ll know you have the right size if it reaches your chest when you stand it up in front of you. Simply keep it going around your waist.



  1. Tennis – 272 calories in 30 minutes

Don’t think you need to round up a partner or trek all the way to a court to break a super sweat with racket in hand. Simply find a flat area near a wall or garage door that you can hit the ball against.



  1. Dancing – 221 calories in 30 minutes

This may not be the biggest calorie-burner in the bunch, but it’s still an excellent—and fun!—metabolism booster. The key is to keep the tempo high, choosing songs with fast rhythms like Latin or Bollywood, and don’t rest between songs.



  1. Walking vigorously – 170 calories in 30 minutes

Burn 170 calories in 30 minutes! That’s right, walking actually made our list. Full disclosure, though: A leisurely stroll with a friend won’t cut it. You should be walking briskly enough that it’s difficult to keep up a steady conversation. And…

Seek every opportunity to take a hill!



100 Calories Burns

For 6 full days (or 18 circuits at 100 calories each), we like the flexibility and effective fast pace of the My Trainer Fitness 100 Calorie Workouts cards, which are available on Amazon.

My Trainer Fitness 100 Calorie Workout cards, front and back of Day 2 of 6
My Trainer Fitness 100 Calorie Workout cards, front and back of Day 2 of 6


Get Going Now!

These exercises can be done at home or close to home. They are super fun. And I bet they are quite a change from the gym routine! It’s important to get out of ruts, including a fitness rut. You get to choose your tempo for most of them, hit your favorite playlist and let the energy flow! Creating an inspiring home workout space might also be a great idea if you plan on blasting fat at home more often.



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My Trainer Fitness 100 Calories Workouts, available on Amazon