5 Benefits of Strength Training

By Rawiyah Mulung

Strength training, also commonly referred to as weight training or resistance training, is the process of using resistance in order to cause muscle contractions.

I love strength and resistance training for a number of reasons, such as the ability to get more done in less time, and how it makes me feel. I feel stronger and healthier from incorporating weight lifting as a part of my regular routine.

This process helps in building strength, increasing anaerobic endurance, while also providing aerobic effect, while also causing an increase in the size of muscles. The underlying principle is that the body muscles react to the opposing force of the resistance to overcome it. Therefore, making the muscles stronger each time strength training moves are repeated. Weight training is effective for all ages and range from simple, low-impact exercises to as intensive as you wish for. The benefits of strength training are directly associated to health, strength, flexibility, posture, muscle composition and many more.


1. Strength Training Keeps Weight Off

A common outcome of any type of physical training is weight loss. However, the good news is that strength training also helps to keep the weight off. Such training has been found to increase the number of calories lost even in normal routine activity and post-exercise as well. Women who follow weight-training are pleasantly surprised at how well it helps them maintain their current weight and lose some when needed.


2. Resistance Training Makes You Stronger

Weight training comes as a resistive force to your muscles which feel obliged to work against this force. This increases your muscle strength. It also adds power and boosts your endurance level considerably over the long run. An inevitable outcome is the improved ease with which you can carry out your daily activities such as lifting items, carrying boxes and taking the stairs.


3. Weight Training Can Act As An Anti-Depressant

Enhancement in depression-related conditions has been linked to strength training. The latter can be said to have the same effects as anti-depressant drugs. The exact medical reason behind this theory is yet unknown. However, some people claim it might be due to the fact that strength trainees actually feel so much stronger and hence better about themselves. There are also theories about a helpful biochemical change being triggered in the brain. As it turns out, it might just be a combination of the feel-good factor and the biochemical change.



4. Less Likelihood of Muscle Injury

By engaging in strength training, you might well be improving the efficiency of your other types of physical training such as cardio. Any kind of physical training requires the involvement of muscles. Strength training helps to keep your muscles in good condition and considerably increases their strength as well. In such case, you are less likely to injure your muscles by conditioning them properly.


5. Strength Training Provides Faster Results

Although we are all very well aware of the fact that fitness goals take time to concretize, we still wish for miracles sometimes. Strength training might be exactly be a miracle solution but it surely speeds up your fitness results. It takes only two to three sessions per week for not even a month for the muscles to be visibility shaping up.


Strength training may not attract everyone, but it surely is suited for all age groups as well as for people with different body types. If you want more science on the health benefits of resistance training, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has a good read on the subject, and one of the best sites for everything bodybuilding is BodyBuilding.com,





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