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PMS is Never Normal

How to Say no to PMS PMS can be like this. But it doesn’t have to be. Once we were told that we had to endure PMS. PMS (premenstrual syndrome) was first described in 1931. By the 1950s medicine had recognised estrogen as a major…


5 Healthy Snacks for Stress Eaters

Healthy Comfort Foods to Alleviate Stress Even the healthiest person can reach for snacks under stress. Should you be feeling guilty about it? Not if the snacks are healthy. But is there any such thing as healthy snacks for stress eaters? Most definitely, yes! If…


Intimidated by Fit Chicks?

Stefaniya Koleva and LeAura Alderson Get Your Fit on at Home! Do you want to exercise and get in shape, but feel like something is always stopping you?  During the last 3 years I have tried several different kinds of exercises and workouts in my attempt…


Peanut Butter, My Best Friend in the Kitchen

I’m a Proud Guilt-Free Peanut Butter Addict My day starts with peanut butter and ends with peanut butter. I always add one tablespoon of this deliciousness in my oatmeal bowl. Every. Single. Morning. I also found a way to take peanut butter with coffee! Coffee…

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5 Instant Energy Boosters

What if you could feel more energized right now? I would absolutely love that! I mean, who does not want more energy? With more energy, your efficiency level would shoot up! You could get more done in less time. Hitting the gym would no longer…


Exercise Boosts Brain Power and Creativity

How Cardio and HIIT Can Improve Your Cognitive Abilities Before sitting down to write any article, I make sure to take a trip to the gym. When the blood gets pumping and sweat is flowing, creativity flows too. Exercise boosts brain power, elevates energy and super charges productivity. Even…


Lifestyle Health and Fitness

Beware Quick Fix Diets We get it… you want to cleanse and feel better NOW. Bad news: real weight loss takes time. Your body didn’t become fat and out of shape overnight, so don’t fall for quick-fix diet plans. Good news: every effort you make is moving you in the…

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Why am I Tired All the Time?

This Might be it. There’s a reason why some people constantly feel tired. They feel drowsy all morning, tired all afternoon and sleepy all evening. That is surely not the sign of a healthy and happy life. There is so much one could do with…


The Food Cure

“Let Food be Thy Medicine.” Hippocrates Food can cure disease, relieve pain, heal injuries and help cancer patients. There seems to be a food remedy for every ailment. Our ancestors swore by food remedies, and for good reason. Medicinal plants have worked wonders down the ages….

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What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

What’s Hiding in Your Coffee? A long black, as we call it in Australia, has about 2 calories. That’s just a simple cup of black coffee. A “long black” is the same as an Americano. Both are made the same way: by pouring a double-shot…

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