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Roll Out the Sore Muscles!

Finding something besides ibuprofen to help us recover can be difficult, but it’s important to seek healthier natural alternatives first. Many of us don’t have the time or the money to hire a massage therapist to work out our aches and pains. That is why I am in love with my foam roller. Here is a list of reasons to try a foam roller and how to get started.

Best Exercises for Burning Calories

By LeAura Alderson Need to Lose Weight Fast? Got a high school reunion to attend? How about a wedding? Many brides and bridesmaids want to lose weight before their special day. For you, maybe it’s a beach vacation, Caribbean cruise, a special date, or wanting to…

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Killer Buns with One Simple Move

You can beat the effects of sitting at a desk all day by adding one simple move to your workout. Tone and lift your butt while stretching and improving your posture with a walking lunge. Our quick how-to guide gets you started.

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The Best Way to Motivate Kids to Get Fit

Children Grow Through Movement Movement and children go hand in hand. Look at toddlers. They are full of movement. Exercise for kids is just a way of life. Childhood and activity are synonymous… or should be. Our modern lifestyle… the technology and information age is…

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