Is Yoga on the Run an Oxymoron?

Missing your zen when you need it most? I get that it sounds oxymoronic to link yoga and “on the run” in the same kindred sentence. I mean yoga is virtually synonymous with peace and calm, right? Like many of us, I am a working mom….

Water, the fluid of life. Get enough.

Four Super Simple Steps for Balance

By Anne Pyle KISS: Keep it Super Simple! It’s easy to get overwhelmed by advice on how to live best. Sometimes we need to step back, look at the big picture and reflect on the simple things. It’s great to do this any time, but…


Power Breakfast Granola Recipe

By LeAura Alderson Start Your Day the Power Way This power breakfast granola recipe originated from Ina Garten of Barefoot Contessa, originally called Roasted Hazelnut Granola. I got hungry just typing it out here, and now I know what I’m making for breakfast tomorrow. We altered the…


Awesome Superfood Quick Fix

By LeAura Alderson Nuts for Mood Food Whenever possible, I prefer to obtain my vitamins, minerals and nutrients from the foods and beverages I consume. Toward that, I start each morning with a glass of lemon water followed by three Brazil nuts and three almonds….


Workout Plan to Save Time

Short but Intense Wins the Day We all want to be fit but often work, parenting and other responsibilities just get in the way of getting to the gym. While we know we can do it ourselves at home, finding the motivation and self discipline…

Top 25 Fitness Influencers

Top 25 Fitness Influencers

Fashion changes on what constitutes a health guru and on what we should be doing for a healthy life.  Often the latest revolutionary diet is found to be just the latest fad, and sometimes a bad choice for our body and wellness. So how do we…


Creating an Inspiring Home Workout Space

by Amy Hammond We can’t always get to the gym.  That is real life!  This is why, when recently finishing our basement, my husband and I decided to dedicate some of the space to becoming our home gym.  We knew we couldn’t sacrifice tons of space,…

Two Moves to a Flat Belly

By Bronwen Bartlett Two simple exercises that destroy flab Many of us live a pretty sedentary lifestyle – sitting in front of computer screens most of the day, sitting or laying in front of the television all night – and it plays havoc with our belly…

Two Keys to Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

By Amy Hammond Jennifer Walters, the co-founder of FitBottomedGirls, put out a list five great tips for keeping your heart healthy.  While I loved all of her tips, there were two that really stood out to me.  Two tips that I felt were not only…


Exercise and Stretching: Before or After Your Workout?

By LeAura Alderson Myths on Stretching and Exercise If you’re still stretching before your run or workout, you’re doing it wrong. Beginning in grade school and since forever, we were all taught to stretch before exercise. Chances are if you’ve attended any group fitness classes…