Not a Big Deal… Just a Big Priority

By Anne Pyle If You’re Out of Shape, it’s not Your Fault. Our bodies are a reflection of the lives we lead and the choices we make. Fat and obesity is in large measure caused by modern technology. In other words, we are a sitting…


6 Unhealthy Foods to Absolutely Avoid

By Rawiyah Mulung and LeAura Alderson Working Out but Not Losing Weight? If you’ve been working hard sweating in the gym for hours each week and still not losing weight, it’s likely one of two things: Either the kind of workout you’re doing, or, your diet….


Make Fitness Matter More Than Weight Loss

by Anne Pyle Good Reasons to Focus on Fitness Most of us want to be fit AND lose weight.  They’re both great health goals. Losing weight gives great outcomes—it’s visible. We look better and feel better.  That’s a real motivator to make it our number…

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Losing Weight Without Losing Control

By Anne Pyle and LeAura Alderson How to Simplify Weight Loss “It’s a simple-sounding formula:  burn more calories, eat less and move more.”  Health Magazine But losing weight can be daunting! The process of constantly measuring what we can and cannot have can exhausting and even depressing. But it…


Dance Your Way to Fitness with Zumba

By Anne Pyle and LeAura Alderson The Total Workout for All Fitness Levels “Buzz like a bee and move fast.” That’s the definition of Zumba in Spanish. The evidence is in on the many health benefits of Zumba according to the American Council on…


Dangerous Proteins — Which Whey?

Fitness Fanatics are Passionate About Protein “Whey protein is the best protein.” Whey protein is the worst protein.” Which is it? Is whey protein good, or not good. There’s conflicting information out there. I’ve heard both, so to clear up the confusion, I researched it….


6 Reasons to Prioritize Protein

By Rawiyah Mulung and LeAura Alderson High Protein Diets for Best Results Athletes and fitness fanatics are not the only ones who can benefit from high-protein diets. Individuals with weight loss goals are also adopting high-protein diets such as the paleo fad. Quality protein can…


6 Compelling Reasons to Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Don’t Be Daunted, Be Daring Healthy Lifestyle Changes can seem daunting at first, but it’s really all about mindset and how we look at it, as to whether it will be an adventure we embrace or a chore we resist. If you’re one of those…


Exercise and a New Healthy Hormone

By Bronwen Bartlett Irisin – a secret exercise hormone? Exercise is good for your health. It’s something we all know. There are endless studies showing how regular exercise helps with fitness, weight loss, mental and emotional wellbeing, slowing aging and so much more. We’re walking, breathing…


Two Must-Try Home Workout Videos

By Rawiyah Mulung Home workouts are the fast fitness solution for many. Are you a gym rat or a home body? While some prefer the gym, no matter the season, others look for home solutions for a number of reasons. There are many benefits to home…

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